720P USB Webcam 4 LED Night Vision HD Webcam Camera Web Cam With Mic Driver Webcam USB PC Camera

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2.0 pure copper transmission line length 1.45 meters, USB connection. Image transfer is fast.

With a high-definition five-layer glass 720P dedicated lens, the lens can be rotated and adjusted to show clearly at any angle.

The product circuit board adopts high-end brand COMS high-definition chip, the pixel can reach 720P, and the window can reach 1280*720.

Use 4 bright LED lights to fill light and control the switch

Built-in digital microphone, can transmit sound within 10 meters, support microphone switch, effectively reduce noise,

The head has a unique design that looks beautiful and upscale.

The product head can be rotated 360° left and right and rotated 45° up and down. Can be placed as you wish.

The base adopts a spring-type double-clip large base, which is simple to install and securely placed on the desktop or on the computer. Adapt to a variety of sizes of displays.

Support system: computer system support

Photo function: XP system can take photos with the camera button. Window7 above the system to open the computer comes with a camera button, mouse click.

Product head size round: length 73mm, diameter: 32MM

Base size: length 73MM*39MM*31MM

Produced bare metal weight: about 85g

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